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Asics wants to microwave you a custom, crazy-colored pair of sneakers

ASICS Custom | Soles In Seconds
Getting voted best dressed is a lot harder when you’re wearing the same thing as everyone else around you. Luckily, Asics is here to ensure that you never commit such a fashion faux pas again. For its next trick, the athletic company is unveiling a new giant microwave intended not for your culinary pleasure, but rather for your customization needs. In just 15 seconds, these large microwaves will be able to “bake” a pair of custom soles for eager customers, giving them the ability to customize their footwear on-site in stores.

To make use of the new microwave technology, prospective buyers need only select the colors of their sneaker soles (which is to say, both the midsole and the upper). Then, colored pellets will be microwaved into a mold, and when all is said and done, the result will be a unique sole customized to your distinct color preferences. Thanks to the pellet-based system, you can choose an amalgam of colors, resulting in a color-blended sole. This, if nothing else, will certainly ensure that you really have a one-of-a-kind creation.

The new technique was developed in partnership with Taiwan’s Tayin Research and Development Company and in addition to being highly customizable, is also said to be quite sustainable. After all, customers are creating exactly what they want when they want it, which could cut down on wasted inventory. Plus, this new method is said to cut down on the company’s current midsole-construction technique’s power consumption by nearly 90 percent.

While other brands give their buyers the option of personalizing their products, very few of these opportunities are offered in-store, not to mention at such a quick turnaround. So while you can send in your requests for a unique pair of Nikes or get your Adidas‘ 3D-printed, neither option offers quite the same level of speed or customization as Asics.

Currently, we’re only able to see a sneak peek of the technology, as Asics is still putting the finishing touches on its microwaves. But hopefully, we will soon be able to experience these machines in person.

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