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ASUS UK Posts Action Shots of the DR-950 E-Reader on Flickr


ASUS UK displayed some glamour shots of the new DR-950 e-reader with its 9-inchesof grayscale SiPix e-paper. In case you forgot, the ASUS DR-950 packs a 1024×768 resolution display, offers RSS feeds, translation and text-to-speech, 2 or 4GB of internal memory, and an SD slot, Wi-Fi and HSDPA or even WiMax, plus a USB port for sideloading, a 3.5m audio port for music. The Asus DR-950 will also support PDF, TXT, Audible, MP3, ePub, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP file formats.

When we first heard about this new e-reader, there weren’t too many pictures to drool over. Thankfully, ASUS UK took it upon themselves to add some action shots to Flickr.


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