Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Plant-based shoes and a ukulele learning aid

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June 9

Roadwayve — car-to-car message display

Ever had something happen on the road and wished there was a way to communicate with the car behind you? Well if the Roadwayve campaign delivers on its promise, you might finally be able to. It’s essentially a screen that’s preprogrammed with a variety of messages you can display in your rear window — things like “I’m sorry,” “Go around,” or “Thank you.” The only downside? It’s designed specifically with conflict resolution in mind, so you can’t plaster obscenities and insults on the display if someone is driving like an idiot behind you.

iKuddle — automatic litter box

There are few things as tedious and unenjoyable as cleaning out a cat’s litterbox — but what if you didn’t have to do it manually anymore? That’s precisely the idea behind the iKuddle — a fully automatic litter box that saves you time and effort by doing all the hard work for you. After your cat has left its donation and exited the box, iKuddle uses sensors to find the waste, scoop it into a scent-proof bag, and stow it away until you’re ready to empty it. Pretty nifty, right?

Rhinowolf 2.0 — modular single-person tent

This thing is pretty sweet. It’s essentially a single-person tent that’s optimized for simplicity, light weight, and extensibility. By itself, it’s an all-in-one tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad — all designed to fit neatly inside each other and roll up into a compact, pack-friendly size. This new version even has poles and stakes integrated directly into the body, so there’s no chance you’ll leave something behind. When paired with other Rhinowolfs (rhinowolves?), this sucker can zip into adjacent tents to create a larger, more roomy shelter.

Air Pix — ultracompact selfie drone

This is basically the third iteration of a drone released in 2016 called the Airselfie. After a few ups and downs and a lackluster second generation, the company is back with a new-and-improved version that makes the old model look like a brick. Air Pix, as it’s called, builds upon the original design and features a better camera, a smaller form factor, and better battery performance. Let’s just hope they improved the mobile app. It was absolutely atrocious in version 2.0

The Layover — feature-packed travel blanket

Travel blankets aren’t exactly a new idea at this point, but this one takes the concept to a whole new level. First of all, it’s filled with lightweight and ultra-compressible insulation, which allows you to stuff it into an impossibly small bag when you’re not using it. Second of all, it has integrated pockets for your not only your stuff, but also for your feet and hands. There’s even snaps on the sides so you can loop it around your neck, or attach it to another blanket. If you’re going to pay $100 for a blanket, it better be one that’s this awesome.

Product Review

Can Walmart extinguish Amazon’s Fire with the cheap Onn Android tablet?

There aren’t many Android tablets under $100, so the Walmart Onn is an attractive prospect. With near stock Android and the Play Store on board it has the potential to be an Amazon Fire beater, but what’s it like to use?

The best deals on electric scooters and electric skateboards for your commute

Looking for an way to get around, but want something more exciting than a bike? An electric scooter or skateboard is a great alternative. They're more portable than even the smallest foldable bikes, and are great for shorter commutes and…

The best folding ebike and electric bike deals for June 2019

Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to get around? An electric bike is a great way to do just that. While riding a bike is the option that's best for your fitness, who wants to arrive a sweaty mess? These are the best deals we…
Emerging Tech

This drone with hands looks like a nightmare straight out of Black Mirror

This unlikely drone-with-hands creation is the work of Federico Ciccarese, the brains behind YouBionic, a bionic hand project that has evolved far beyond its original brief. Check it out.
Emerging Tech

Hubble captures explosive galaxy, the site of three recent supernovae

Hubble's latest image is of the spiral galaxy NGC 4051 which is notable for having played host to a large number of supernovae: the first seen in 1983 (SN 1983I), the second in 2003 (SN 2003ie), and the most recent in 2010 (SN 2010br).
Emerging Tech

The grainy texture of Saturn’s rings reveals clues to their origins

New analysis of data from Cassini shows that Saturn's rings are not smooth, but rather are grainy in texture. Scientists believe that tiny moons within the rings cause materials to cluster and form clumps and straw-like patterns.
Emerging Tech

The Very Large Telescope gets upgrade to aid its hunt for habitable exoplanets

The Very Large Telescope is growing even bigger. The latest addition to the telescope's suite of instruments is a tool called NEAR (Near Earths in the AlphaCen Region) which will hunt for exoplanets in the nearby Alpha Centauri star…
Emerging Tech

Your smartphone could be the key to predicting natural disasters

A challenge for atmospheric scientists is gathering enough data to understand the complex, planet-wide weather system. Now a scientist has come up with a clever idea to gather more data using smartphones and Internet of Things devices.
Emerging Tech

Tormented robot pulls a gun on its creators in latest Boston Dynamics spoof

Boston Dynamics' remarkable robots often receive a good few shoves in its videos, and the eager mistreatment recently inspired a team of L.A.-based video artists to give its rather amusing take on the matter.
Smart Home

A new survey by Adobe shows an evolving market for voice applications

A new consumer survey conducted by Adobe Analytics has uncovered a growing desire for more diversity in voice-controlled applications and devices as well as growing engagement with voice ads.
Emerging Tech

Live long and prosper? Experimental compound could slow down the aging process

Want to extend your natural lifespan beyond its current limits? A metabolite of biomolecules — found in pomegranates of all places — could help slow the aging process. Here's how.
Emerging Tech

Airbus’ new single-aisle jet has longest range in its class and a fancy cabin

Airbus has unveiled the design of its new A321XLR jet, an aircraft that it says will be capable of trips of around 5,400 miles, making it the world's longest range single-aisle airliner when it takes to the skies in 2023.

Google Calendar is back online. Here’s the latest on the outage

Google Calendar is down, and that means that instead of a day packed with back-to-back meetings and timely reminders, users are instead being treated to an error message. Here's the latest on the worldwide outage.
Emerging Tech

A tiny magnet accomplishes enormous feat, sets a new world record

A magnet housed in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory has set a record for the strongest continuous DC magnetic field ever recorded. Here's why that matters to our future.
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