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This guy’s Batman suit earns him a World Record

Just about everyone has at some point wished they were Batman (minus the murdered parents part of course), but this guy is now the closest to achieving that dream.

Julian Checkley is a costume designer from Ireland who has created Batman suit so complex, it earned him a World Record in Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition.

Officially, Checkley has earned the title of “most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit.” That’s because his Batsuit has 23 different gadgets, making his Batman ensemble all the more realistic.  His Batsuit includes: a video screen in the right gauntlet; grapnel gun; gas dispenser; Bat tracking device with a Bluetooth tracker; a fireball shooter; folding Batarang; ultra sonic sound emitter; magnetic Bat cam; laser; gauntlet flashlight; ball bearing grenade; medi-kit; strobe light gun; UV light, flash bang; Bat flask.

To earn the record, Checkley had to show that all gadgets were in working order. Luckily, Guiness caught it all on tape, showing the effort he made to to get everything right.

Checkley is also a big time gamer. His Batsuit is actually based off the one found in Batman: Arkham Origins. That game is more of a prequel, so Bruce Wayne’s Batsuit was like a work in progress. It’s more guerilla, as if he’s actually wearing hockey pads. It makes sense for Checkley, as he too is new to the world of crime fighting. The designs of all the gadgets were made after the models found in Arkham Origins. Checkley also went to great lengths showing off damage and scratches, giving that extra layer of realisim to his creation.

The Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition will be available for purchase this September, including Checkley’s costume and tons of other Mario and Zelda related World Records.

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