The 20 best, worst, and weirdest tech tattoos

I thought the Gateway Cow would never resurface. I was wrong. Yesterday I encountered tech’s favorite barn animal in tatoo form. That’s right, there exists a person with a tattoo of a gateway cow.

At the intersection of “completely insane” and “the end is near” are technology tattoos. They play ode to operating systems and technology visionaries alike. Fortunately, there there are libraries of tech tattoos posted online for our viewing pleasure.

In a way, the technology tattoo has a kind of logic. It all makes sense when you consider that the tech industry is often described as tribal. We put together 20 of the most stunning tech tattoos out there. Notice how I didn’t say “best?”

Ironic Gateway Cow?

Gateway Cow Tattoo

This happened.

Wife’s name in Binary Code

Binary Leg Tattoo
Photo Credit: Brandon Burke

She wanted her name tattooed on his leg. Love is a four letter word but it apparently takes dozens of 1’s and 0’s.

Portrait of Bill Gates

Bill Gates Tattoo
Nate Beavers /

You can call it a tribute. Pretty sure I’ve seen similar portrayals of Gandhi.

Steve Jobs’ Autograph

Steve Jobs Autograph Tattoo flikr

iSkin? There are plenty of Jobs tattoos out there. Not all are as tasteful as this one that looks like a designer logo.

Cisco Systems Shoulder Tat

Cisco Systems Shoulder Tattoo
Mitch Barrie/Flickr

Best of the bunch. I can’t take my eyes off that cable-knit smock.

Mouse and Hourglass

Mouse and Hourglass Tattoos

A subtle reminder that your computer back home has frozen.

WordPress > Blogger

WordPress Tattoo

Lots of wordpress love in the Tattoo world.

Anonymous Leg Tat

Anonymous Leg Tattoo
Photo Credit: A Pele é Minha

This is gonna look like a spoiled meat special in 15 years.

WordPress shoulder action

WordPress Shoulder Tattoo
Hugo Baeta / WordPress

Notice the giant cat tattoo? It’s coming for you, WordPress.

Code is poetry

Code is Poetry Tattoo
Hugo Baeta / WordPress

So profound.

HTML neck tat

HTML Neck Tattoo

I’m surprsied that HTML tattoos aren’t more of a thing.

Code is poetry redux

HTML love and hate tattoos
Francis Storr/Flikr

Oh wait… I guess they are a thing.

Too ‘Zune

Too Zune

Who said Zune won’t last?

Dude, you got a Dell?

Dell Tattoo

‘Cause why not?

Sidekick Eulogy

Sidekick Phone Tattoo

RIP Motorola Sidekick? The halo is a nice touch.

Forearm powered by Google

Forearm Google Tattoo

It’s only a matter of time until we all become powered by Google… or something.

Related: Google’s new patent is a neck tattoo

Mac Power button… on leg?

Mac Power Button Tattoo

Needs to get that thing cleaned out.

T-Pain puts Facebook on leg

T-Pain's Facebook Tattoo

All you need to know is this, T-Pain gets a new tat every time he goes to Hawaii.

Dappy Hashtag Teardrop Tattoo

Hashtag Cheek Tattoo
twitter / The Dappy

Here’s some news for Dappy, bad decisions will always trend.

It was only a matter of time?

MySpace Belly Tattoo
photo credit: the chive

The current state of Myspace.

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