Bulletproof vests upgraded with GPS, impact sensors to alert team


Recently shown off at a recent competition for security professionals, a new design on the classic bulletproof vest created by Laipac Technology includes GPS technology as well as a variety of body sensors built within the vest. Ideal for military soldiers, tactical law enforcement and VIP clients, the GPS integration allows for a separate team to track the location of the vest as well as the speed of travel and the general direction. In addition, the vest has built-in sensors that register an alert when weapon fire has stuck the person wearing the protective garment. These electronics are powered by an internal battery woven into the material and can be recharged when the vest isn’t in use. 

bulletproof-gps-sensorUsing this technology, a police department will be able to track the location of officers as well as dispatch further backup or medical teams when the gunshot sensor is triggered. This also allows high-ranking officials to watch tactical operations through GPS tracking when needed as well as evaluate the success or failure of an operation after completion. The vest works with a GSM/GPRS network, but person wearing the vest can step out of GSM range and continue recording waypoints. The vests can also be kept within a predetermined area called a GEO-fence. If a vest is removed from the area, an alert will sound. This would be helpful for assuring that vests didn’t go missing due to theft.

While the cost is currently unknown, the vest will be sold in a variety of designs and stopping power levels. The Kevlar version stops bullets from handguns up to a .44 magnum, ideal for a police force. The version likely created for members of the military can stop weapon fire from an Russian AK74 and the step above that model can halt a 7.62x54mm bullet fired from a Dragunov sniper rifle.