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The Burnbud is an all-in-one grinder, lighter, and container for your green

BURNBUD [ Product Walkthrough ]
If necessity is the mother of invention then convenience is its father. And when is convenience ever more cherished then when you’re trying to chill out with a doobie or two? (Of course, only where marijuana is permitted.)

Meet the Burnbud, an all-in-one lighter, grinder, and container for your crumbling herb. In a few swift movements, Burnbud helps break, dispense, and ignite your green into glorious haze. Oh yeah, and it’s got a bottle opener. It’s like a Swiss army knife for getting down.

“I realized that the stigma of the ‘lazy smoker’ did not apply to me or any of my friends. We were always on-the-go, house to house, exploring the outdoors as much as possible,” Burnbud founder Jon Kaplan told Digital Trends. “I’ve always been into minimalism and keeping things organized, this clashed with traditional smoking kits. The hassle of clunky pockets and constantly searching for the lighter became the inspiration to create a solution. One of my friends in the architecture program at my college had access to a 3D printer. I showed him some rough drawings and we decided to create our first prototype. “

Burnbud LLC
Burnbud LLC

Big enough to wield but small enough to fit in a pocket, Burnbud uses mini Bic lighters so rest assured that there’s always more fuel hidden under your couch cushion. Or Tim has some in his pocket. Either way there’s bound to be another mini Bic nearby.

But the Burnbud isn’t tiny. It’ll fit in a pocket, sure, but isn’t the most practical thing to carry around, so many just become a part of the home ritual.

“This is a new type of concept in smoking accessories,” Kaplan said. “With regard to design, it required many prototypes and many redesigns to get to the final product. Making a cool product is one thing, but making a cool product manufacturable without costing an arm or a leg is another. Another challenge was offering it to the customer for an affordable price.”

And the Burnbud ain’t cheap. It currently comes in two versions — a black plastic and hemp-based design, on sale now for $36 and $40 respectively. Unfortunately that doesn’t include a mini Bic but, hey, you probably have one of those lying around anyway.

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