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Casio Goes Mercury-Free with Its New High-Luminance Projector

casio-xj-a155We know what you’re thinking—this is just another device that looks like it belongs to a Star Wars Stormtrooper. You’re right on one account. It definitely looks like a Stormtrooper accessory, but this new Casio projector has a lot more going for it than futuristic appearance. The Casio Green Slim Projector XJ-A155 is the first mercury-free projector. In this Casio projector is a Laser LED phosphor combination that achieves high-intensity light sources, which also happen to be mercury-free. The company says that high-intensity light can be projected in the room (2000 ~ 3000 lumens) without using high-pressure mercury lamp. Quite the feat, we’d say.

casio-sexy-projector-rm-engThere are seven models in Casio’s new XJ-A lineup, two WXGA and five XGA, and depending on your choice you’ll either get USB or WiFi connectivity. The price will range from 148 000 Yen up to 318 000 Yen. And surprisingly, this Casio projector did not show up at CES this week.

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