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This crazy inventor just built — and tried out — a huge 360-degree swing in his yard

HUGE Homemade 360 Swing
Bonkers British inventor Colin Furze has just emerged from his workshop with yet another hair-raising contraption, this one as preposterous as it is petrifying.

It’s a kind of swing. But one you probably wouldn’t want your kid to ride.

You see, Furze’s swing doesn’t stop at the usual back-and-forth movements that we see with most garden-variety swings. Instead, it goes all the way around. Oh yeah, and it’s as tall as his house.

At the start of the video (above) introducing his latest madcap creation, Furze tells us he gets motion sickness, he doesn’t like heights, and he doesn’t like going upside down. Which makes this particular invention all the more surprising.

Billed as “the U.K.’s only 360 swing,” the video shows Furze climb aboard the structure while choosing to ignore the clearly absurd idea of using straps or a safety harness to ensure that he doesn’t die while riding it.

And ride it he does. After a few back-and-forths, Furze takes the massive swing the whole way around, clasping its central arm with his knees “for extra grip.”

The Brit admits in another video explaining how he built the swing that the project was “not without its issues.”

For example, at one point the entire setup was bending under stress, “making the whole thing look like a future killing machine, but we carried on and think we have something that won’t break.” Last we heard, Furze is still alive.

The plumber-turned-inventor has made quite a name for himself since joining YouTube 10 years ago. It’s not hard to see why his videos have been viewed more than 336 million times, his crazy imagination, wild creations, and irrepressible enthusiasm shown off in slickly edited, wonderfully entertaining productions.

If you’re new to the world of Furze, take a few moments to check out his weaponized tuk-tuk, twin-propeller hoverbike, and thermite cannon. Oh, and you should also watch him walking across a ceiling wearing magnetic boots.

Guinness World Records so far include fastest baby stroller, longest motorcycle, and fastest toilet. Guess his plumbing skills came in handy for that one.

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