Owner of custom Lamborghini and Lamboat set looking to sell for a cool $2.2M

Designing performance boats that are built to complement supercars isn’t a brand-new phenomenon, but it appears to be picking up speed. Speaking of speed, a color-matched Lamborghini and Lamboat duo that were custom-built for their original owner are now for sale, according to James Edition. Step up with $2.2 million and they are yours.

We’ve seen the Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66 performance superyacht built to match the Bugatti Chiron, the Aston Martin AM37 built by Quintessence Yachts, the Lexus Sports Yacht, and the Mercedes-Benz and Cigarette Racing 2017 Marauder AMG modeled after the AMG GT R. Now meet the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce and the matching 2017 Marine Technologies MTI 52 G6.

Both vehicles were custom built for Gino Gargiulo. James Edition reported that a family incident “regrettably” forces the sale of the car/boat combo. The custom rides had previously been featured in a CNBC Prime episode of “The Secret Lives of the Super Rich.”

The 2016 Aventador SV — which stands for “super veloce,” Italian for super fast — has a $598,000 window sticker and 700 miles on the odometer. The car has a 750-hp V12 engine, all-wheel-drive, and a semi-automatic transmission. There are loads of carbon-fiber component options, and it’s painted in a special order color named “Verde Singh.” Top speed is listed at 217 mph.

Apparently, Gargiulo was so enamored with his new car that he ordered the boat to match, and then had to wait more than a year for its completion. The full carbon-fiber hull is powered by two 1,350-hp to 155o-hp Mercury racing engines. When the key fob is set to “Pleasure” the engines have a total of 2700-hp running on 91 octane gasoline. Switch the fob to “Race,” however, and run it on 112 AKI race fuel and the total power jumps to 3100 hp. Top speed is reported to be 180 mph.

Besides the boat’s matching Verde Singh paint job, many design and functional details match the Lamborghini, including the dashboard, tail lights, headlights, and switches. Some of the components are actual Lamborghini parts “marinized” for use on the water. Even the cockpit seats are designed to look similar to those in the car.

The boat comes with a $100,000 tilt trailer. The car and boat with trailer cost a reported $2,350,000 and the asking price is $2.2 million.

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