Creative Chases Bovine Bliss with Zen Moo

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Having looked to nature for inspiration with its well-received Zen Stone MP3 player, Creative has moved on to more questionable agricultural styling cues with its latest player, the Zen Moo. Introduced in China on Friday, the Moo features the likeness of – you guess it – a cow.

Much like the Stone, the Moo comes in both Moo and Moo Plus variants, with the Plus picking up an OLED display, built-in speaker, FM receiver, and voice recorder. Both players come in white, pink, red and yellow, and sport capacities of 2GB. According to, the Plus models are even controlled with the nubs on the cow’s horns.

Like many cutesy electronics destined for Asia, the Moo and Moo Plus will likely never see the light of day in the U.S. or anywhere else, and Creative did not reveal what they’ll be charging for them when they debut in China.