Dell Digital Jukebox 20 Review

Quote from the review:

“The Dell Digital Jukebox is probably one of the more sturdy hard drive based MP3 players that we have encountered. It is literally built like a brick and has good shock absorption due to internal matting and a hard drive retention mechanism that has springs. General everyday activity with the DJ shouldn’t bring too many issues if skippage is concerned. Those that lead a more active lifestyle may want to consider a flash based MP3 player.

Though, of the hard drive based MP3 players, the DJ qualifies as one of the better ones in terms of shock absorption design. You can shake the DJ all you want and you can’t feel any of the moving parts, nor can you feel the hard drive head accessing the data, which isn’t something that we can say regarding many of the other hard drive based MP3 players on the market.

In the sound department, the audio quality of the Digital Jukebox is about the same as the iPod. We do wish that Dell would bundle a more comfortable pair of headphones in the future. Shelling out more money for a decent pair only adds to the end cost, and if it can be avoided, all the better.”

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