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Digital Trends Best Products of 2015

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NASA discovered water on Mars. Volkswagen cheated on diesel emissions tests. Donald Trump ran for president.

2015 had some highs, some lows, and some real facepalms. But along the way, the road was littered with awesome new gadgets.

From OLED 4K TVs to a fridge that tells you how many Bud Lights you have left, Digital Trends had the privilege of testing it all. Now, as the year wraps up and we prepare for the next big wave of innovation at CES 2016 in January, we’re looking back at all our favorites in every product category, from computing to home theater. Every section editor at Digital Trends was tasked with selecting a single winner for their section, and two runners up. We’ll reveal a new product category every day, and on December 31, the wraps come off on Digital Trends’ overall Best Product of 2015, as decided by the consensus of our entire editorial staff.

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