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Delighting Star Wars fans everywhere, Disney unveils Millennium Falcon and X-Wing drones

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With a little more than just three and a half months until the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits literally every theater on Earth, Disney is hard at work marketing the absolute hell out of the upcoming flick. While promoting something as astronomically large as a J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars movie seems illogical — seriously, who on the planet isn’t going to see this movie? — Disney continues to pull out all the stops to make sure the words “Star Wars” get uttered about every 2.5 seconds. To Disney’s credit, its latest endeavor may just make Star Wars junkies lose it completely.

During an epically long 18-hour unboxing event, Disney unveiled (among many, many things) an X-Wing and Millennium Falcon remote-controlled drone. Go ahead, it’s okay to absolutely lose it for a second. Though the prices for said drones are currently unknown, Disney did say the drones would be available for public purchase starting September 4 (tomorrow).

x wing toy

Built by the remote-controlled vehicle company Air Hogs, both drone aircrafts require a minimal amount of initial assembly before owners can take them to the skies. Regardless of which craft strikes your fancy most, users have the ability to control the crafts from up to 200 feet away meaning these are perfect for bugging your next door neighbors even if they aren’t quite “next door.” Each craft is also constructed using what Air Hogs calls high-density foam, so it seems likely both should stand up to even the roughest of planetary crashes.

Spec-wise, both crafts differ just slightly in terms of propeller placement and, of course, shape. Concerning the Millennium Falcon, Air Hogs essentially created a quad-copter and built the iconic body of the ship around the propellers. The X-Wing also appears to make use of four propellers, though instead of facing up and down, they face in front and behind the craft. Fans of this specific Starfighter will be especially delighted to hear Air Hogs even included a mini replica R2-D2 for it to tote around however, it’s unclear if it has the ability to beep and boop while flying.

Though Disney unveiled an entire slew of Star Wars-related gadgets, gizmos, and otherwise during its event, the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing drones are no doubt two of the most fascinating products it debuted. We’d recommend heading out to your nearest electronics store now, these won’t stay on shelves for long.

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