DLO Wants You To Get Your nanos in a Twist

If you’re the sort of person who can have a fashion dilemma over what case you should use with your iPod nano (purse, shoes, and nano should match! But wait: what if it’s after Labor Day?!) then Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) might have a solution for you wth its new Twister for iPod nano.

“What you have on the outside of your iPod can say as much about you as what’s inside. Why then should you settle for just one look when searching for the perfect case for your nano?” said Marcia Germ, DLO’s director of product development. “The DLO Twister offers versatility and style that can easily go from the office to weekend wear—with a twist.”

The Twister for iPod nano is a flip-cover case with a unique feature: the cover twists so users can quickly switch between two looks. One site of the cover is a slick black leather, while the other is a “Burberry-inspired” plaid. Switching between the two is a simple matter of grabbing the cover and twisting it around on a swivel hinge near the top of the cover.

Inside, the casing is that same “Burberry-inspired” plaid and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, users have full access to the nano’s Click Wheel (to control the nano without removing it from the case) and a clear plastic window protects the iPod screen.

The Twister for iPod nano is available now for $24.99. And remember: what’s outside your iPod is as important as what’s inside, so load up those Project Runway and America’s Top Model playlists right now, girl!