Dreamliner: Now you can ride in the cockpit during that stunning near-vertical takeoff

Dreamliner Vertical Take Off
Remember that recent stomach-churning Boeing Dreamliner takeoff that seemed to defy the laws of aerodynamics? Well, the aircraft maker has followed it up with another video of the same flight, this time from inside the cockpit.

The stunning aerial display – a rehearsal for its appearance at this week’s Paris Air Show – took place over Moses Lake in Washington. Showcasing the latest version of its 787 Dreamliner jet, Boeing’s special flight started with the sort of takeoff which, had there been any passengers on board, would surely have had the cabin filling rapidly with the challenging stench of regurgitated meals.

Unpleasant smells aside, you can now check out multiple views of the seemingly near-vertical plane launch thanks to YouTube’s recently introduced “choose your view” feature.

The technical demonstration is introduced from the cockpit by Boeing engineering pilot Captain Randy Neville, who at this point gives no indication that he’s about to cause the jaws of the viewing public to almost detach from their very foundations, saying only that it looks like “a great day to go flying.”

Choose your view

The three camera views offered in the video include the original one that captures the dramatic takeoff from the outside, another looking outside from the cockpit, and one from deeper within the cockpit that shows the pilots controlling the plane with all the composure and calmness of a Sunday afternoon drive to the mall.

Boeing hasn’t revealed any details on the actual angle of the plane’s ascent, though to achieve the remarkable takeoff it had to fly very light, which meant going without a full load of fuel.

Boeing’s choose-your-view video offers three viewing options that show as thumbnails on the right side of the picture. Simply click an image to change the view. The video is only viewable on desktop and it’s not yet possible to embed it, so click here if you fancy checking it out.

The 787-9 Dreamliner is Boeing’s second and latest member of the 787 family. Famous for its super-efficient engines, the fuselage of the new 787 is 20 feet (6 meters) longer than the original model, so is able to fly more passengers and more cargo over an even greater distance.

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