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DT’s Guide to the Super Bowl: Must-have gear for the biggest party of the year


Assuming you’ve followed DT’s Guide to the Super Bowl (which we’re sure you have, haven’t you?), you’re all set to watch the Baltimore Ravens match up against the San Francisco 49ers in the most crystal-clear home theater set up and armed with the best apps to accompany the game. We hope you weren’t planning on spending Super Bowl Sunday alone. Here are some kickass gear to help you throw the most awesome party since, well, New Year’s Eve.

La-Z-Boy Recliner with Custom Team Panel (Price varies)

la-z-boy reclinerOh, look at you and your Ravens or 49ers jersey. Everyone has those, or can get one at the mall for a couple Benjamins. For die-hard fans who want to rep their teams while sinking into pillows of cloud during the big game, go with this oversized La-Z-Boy recliner. Both the back and leg rests are adjustable for your comfort, and it’s designed to rock back and forth for all those exciting moments that gets you on the edge of your seat. The chairs are made to order, so you can customize the color and upholstery fabric to match your furniture – and pair it up with a changeable embroidered logo panel to root your team on. This way, when the Super Bowl is over, you can switch the panel out for your favorite baseball team, or your logo of choice.

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ecoque hotbox grill

EcoQue Hotbox Grill ($1,000)

Who said burgers and corn on the cob have to come from some rusty, grease-spattered grill? Here’s a way to make delicious party food from a beautifully designed cooktop. The EcoQue Hotbox Grill is minimalistic, rolls on wheels, and goes where the party is. The grill features a retracting lid and stainless steel construction with four burners that hold and disperse heat evenly. A gas tank is also stored inside the grill and away from the masses, giving extra space for guests to walk around the appliance. If you have to be assigned the task of making burgers at the party, the least you can do is look cool doing it.

Krups BeerTender ($120)

krups beertenderFresh, foamy draft beer without pushing around in a crowd at the bar. Who doesn’t want that? The Krups BeerTender will fit a 5-liter keg of Heineken or Newcastle and keep it at a prime temperature of 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It’ll also keep the beer fresh for 30 days if you have leftover brew … but let’s face it, whether your team win or lose, there’s probably going to be a lot of alcohol to go around.

cooper cooler beverage chiller

Cooper Cooler Beverage Chiller ($60)

Guests prefer their drink of choice in a can? No problem, the Cooper Cooler can get beverages icy cold in a mere minute. Just add ice and a little bit of water to freeze blast any can of beer/Coke/lemonade. Plus, because the machine spins the can instead of shake it to freezing temperature, the cans won’t explode upon opening. 

Buffet Heat Lamp ($500)

Buffet heat lampWhen you don’t want to miss a single second of the game, cooking food to order is just not an option. Make all the meals all at once and leave them heated under the buffet heat lamp so guests can help themselves when they’re ready to eat. No cold chicken wings here.

fisher price ESPN electronic football

Fisher Price ESPN Electronic Football Table ($400)

For the kids who may not be focused enough to keep their attention to a full four-or-so hours of football, give them something to play with while maintaining the spirit of the Super Bowl. The LED screen allows player to electronically play football via joysticks and a footpad when you make a kick or punt. The machine also comes with drink holders, so even adults can get in on the action.

FoodSaver V3835 ($180)

foodsaver v3835Leftovers are the best thing about large parties, so don’t let any of the delicious stuff go to waste. The FoodSaver machine will keep food vacuum sealed, so bacteria, mold, and other nasty stuff stays out. The Vertical design also makes it space efficient, and the slick stainless design fits in with all of our picks for this steel-tastic Super Bowl party. Too bad the Steelers aren’t actually playing this year (womp).

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