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This limited-edition, all-aluminum hybrid superyacht has Porsche DNA

A limited few lucky people will be able to travel in a Porsche-designed, eco-friendly, performance vessel across the Atlantic Ocean starting this fall. Monaco-based yacht builder Dynamiq hooked up with Studio F.A. Porsche for the design of a small lineup of limited edition GTT hybrid superyachts. The first in the series, currently nearing completion, is the Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid superyacht.

First, let’s clear up the terminology. In the yachting world, GTT means “Gran Turismo Transatlantic.” In plain English, that means a GTT boat is purpose-built to cross the ocean relatively quickly in luxury and style. Dynamiq is building four sizes, 85, 100, 115, and 130 feet in length. The 115-foot (35-meter) GTT 115 Hybrid model will be available for purchase in September. Dynamiq will start construction of the GTT 85 later this year.

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Studio F.A. Porsche, previously Porsche Design Studio, is now named after its founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who is also known for another of his designs, the Porsche 911. Porsche designed both the interior and exterior of the GTT yachts.

Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid Trailer

The GTT hulls were developed in the Netherlands by naval architectural firms Vripack and Van Oossanen. The shipyard where the GTT 115 Hybrid is currently under construction is in Viareggio, Italy.

Not all Dynamiq GTTs will be hybrid superyachts. The GTT 115 Hybrid is powered by twin 1213 kW (1,667 horsepower) MAN diesel engines paired with Fortjes 5000 pods each rated to 2,000 kW or 2,682 hp, driven by 45kW generators.

The hybrid power is optional, but with the combination of diesel and electric power, the yacht can top 21 knots. The GTT 115 Hybrid’s 3,400 nautical mile range means transatlantic crossings are not a problem.

The GTT 115 has a shallow draft of less than 5 feet which lets it move freely in many areas in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the waters of Southeast Asia that are typically inaccessible to yachts in the same size range with deeper draft hulls.

The GTT 115 Hybrid design has interior space for three or four luxury cabins, but three is the ideal number, according to Dynamiq CEO Sergei Dobroserdov.

“When we talk about comfort and top service, the ideal for this size of yacht is six guests in three cabins served by a 1:1 ratio of six crew for genuinely exclusive onboard service,” Dobroserdov said. “We also designed the interior ceiling heights to more than 2.15 meters (7 feet), even in the lower deck cabins: that’s real luxury on a 35-meter yacht.”

Dynamiq has an online Configurator program that allows clients to personalize every aspect in outfitting yachts and to track progress and cost in real time. According to Dynamiq, the Configurator software can reduce delivery time from the typical 3 to 5 years to just 15 months from the date of order.

The starting price for Dynamiq GTT 115s is just under $14 million, but that doesn’t include the hybrid power system or other upgrades.

The first of the seven GTT 115s will be at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show in late September and then at subsequent international yachting events. Should you be interested in purchasing the first of the series it will also be for sale in September. For more information on the GTT 115 series or other GTT yachts, contact Dynamiq directly.

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