Electronic pillbox sends text message reminders to take your pills

medfolio electronic pill box

Mentioned on Chipchick earlier this week, the MedFolio electronic pillbox utilizes LED lights and notification alerts to help the elderly keep track of their medications each day. Also an excellent idea for anyone with chronic illnesses, the large container is built with four separate, plastic bins for each day of the week designed to represent a specific dosing time. Specifically, the four boxes are labeled morning, noon, evening and bedtime. When it’s time to take a new batch of pills, a LED light will glow underneath a specific bin and will remain activated until the user removes the pills from the container.

medfolio mobile laptopIn addition to audio alarms emanating from the MedFolio electronic pillbox, the device can send email or text message reminders notifying someone to take their pills. This could be useful for anyone that lives in a large home or is simply away from the pill box for a short period of time.

On the underside of the lid covering the twenty-eight pill boxes, MedFolio has included a place to display printed descriptions of the pills in addition to clear boxes to store visual samples of what each pill looks like. This can help users keep track of what each pill is designed to do and avoid any type of overdose from a specific medication.

Later this year, MedFolio plans to launch a wireless-enabled version of the pill box that will sync usage data over a Wi-Fi home network. After data is synced to a secure server, authorized users will be able to check to see if pills are being consumed at the right time. Conceptually, this would allow concerned family members to check up on elderly relatives that live on the other side of the country. If a family member notes that pills are being skipped for any reason, they can alert medical professionals in the area if needed. 

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