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While you’re waiting for the GoPro drone, check out the Exo360

Exo360. Aerial VR Made Simple

It may be hard to wait until the holidays to finally experience the GoPro’s much anticipated Karma drone, but Christmas may literally come in July (or in this case, even earlier) thanks to the launch of the Exo360, Queen B Robotics‘ flagship product, and the first drone ever introduced capable of 360-view capture in 4K resolution. Thanks to its five integrated HD cameras and post-flight onboard stitching, the Exo360 may just be the camera capable of keeping up with your adventures.

With 18 days left, the drone has already surpassed its initial funding goal, and is currently available for pre-order at the early bird price of $999. To help you make the most of your content, the Exo360 comes with an RC transmitter that lets you control the drone yourself and create your own video content. And if you want to go hands-free, just pair the companion app with the drone to have it follow you on your adventure.

Its multiple integrated cameras will give users global shutter control and post-flight onboard video stitching. All video is captured on SD cards, which means you’ll be able to watch it on any headset, or upload it to YouTube or Facebook 360.

“While the Exo360 is airborne, the vehicle can be flown either manually via a remote control or autonomously through the smartphone app,” explained Chris Blower, CEO and Founder of Queen B Robotics. “The Exo360 offers live-stream footage to either a tablet, smartphone or your VR headset to get an immersive experience that makes you feeling like you are flying.”

The Exo360 has been in the works since April of last year, Blower said, and while he’d been “playing around for VR for a while,” he said, “I found that if I wanted dynamic video, I needed a selfie stick or a tripod — but it always required a lot of patching, to cover up the tripod, which would be an eyesore in the video.” Enter the drone solution.

“Our market is prosumers and drone and VR enthusiasts — one drone with five HD-quality cameras is going for $1,000, and the ultra-HD model is going for $1,400 on Indiegogo,” Blower added. “The biggest barrier to consumer exploration of this field is hesitation about price. We’re trying to make it so that general consumers can start getting these new cool experiences through financially practical VR.”

Ultimately, the team’s hope is for the Exo360 to become the industry standard for aerial 360 video capture. And as the only option currently on the market, they’ve certainly got themselves a nice head start.

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