Can’t spare time to brush your teeth? EZ Teethbrush promises to do it 4x faster

Looking after your teeth used to be hella time-consuming. That’s all changing here in 2018, thanks to new technology. Recently we wrote about an app that lets you get your regularly scheduled dental checkup simply by snapping a quick selfie. Now the creators of a new toothbrush, the EZ Teethbrush (sic), want to vastly reduce the amount of time it takes us to brush our teeth every day — by brushing all of them at the same time.

“It’s a sonic-powered ‘teethbrush’ that brushes all of your teeth simultaneously,” creator Craig Mock told Digital Trends. “To use it, simply rinse with water, add your favorite toothpaste, place in your mouth and turn on. Then while holding the handle, you use the modified bass technique recommended by dentists, which is small circular motions. A little back and forth is also required to get the back and front sides of the teeth.”

While the idea of reducing an average tooth clean from two minutes down to 30 seconds might sound unnecessary (after all, who doesn’t have time to spend two minutes on personal hygiene?), it may actually prove to be an important step. Studies show that most people don’t brush for the full two minutes, and a large percentage of the U.S. population only brushes once a day. A device such as this may help.

The EZ Teethbrush looks slightly different to your traditional brush, more closely resembling a retainer or sports mouthpiece, mounted on an electric toothbrush handle. The bacteria-resistant mouthpiece contains rows of ultra-soft silicone bristles, which promise to give your teeth the brushing they deserve — only four times faster.

“One of the dentists [who saw the EZ Teethbrush] was so impressed that he sent us data on abfraction lesions and how he thinks our product is cutting-edge in helping to prevent [them],” Mock continued. “Abfraction lesions affects more than 80 percent of adults and causes recessed gums. Our antimicrobial silicone bristles are softer and safer than traditional bristles, but brush efficiently.”

As ever, we offer our usual warnings about the risks inherent in crowdfunding campaigns. If you’re nonetheless keen to get involved, however, head over to the EZ Teethbrush project page where you can pledge your hard-earned bucks. Prices start at $79 for an EZ Teethbrush in your choice of black or white, along with a wireless charger. Shipping is set to take place in March 2019.


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