Get your next dinner party in the mail, thanks to Feastive

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It seems like you can get anything you want delivered right to your door these days. The latest craze is entire meals carefully curated and sent to you for your ease and convenience. Feastive is one such meal delivery service. However, the firm advertises not only as a meal in a box, but a dinner party.

Now one could argue that the purpose of a dinner party is to create an experience, not just serve up a meal. In our busy, fast-paced lives a “meal spent at home” as Feastive describes it may be the best we have to hope for. Who has the time to plan a menu, shop, and prepare a meal on top of creating an experience?

The creator of Feastive, Debbie Soo, addressed criticism that having meals delivered to your door took away from the spirit of the dinner party and the excitement and inherent stress it brings. “The experience isn’t necessarily disjointed because it comes in a meal kit,” Soo explains. In her mind, dinner parties are about the connection made through sitting down and enjoying a meal together. While the meals may not be entirely prepared at home, they are made to be enjoyed at home by the host and their guests and Feastive believes that’s the important part.

Feastive offers 5 different menu options, all of Asian inspiration, that you can customize to suit your dinner party size. The prices range from $120-$260 and require that the host order at least 3 days in advance to ensure that all the product will be delivered on time. While the meal comes mostly prepped there is cooking involved so be prepared.

The mission behind Feastive is to take the stress out of dinner parties so that more time can be spent on the actual entertaining and less on the cooking. The firm wants to reduce the hassle of hosting, and who wouldn’t welcome that?