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Finally, the business suit surfers have been waiting for

If you’re a surfing dude with an office job, the wetsuit you’ve always longed for has finally landed.

Launched by Quiksilver this week, this handy little number lets you ride the waves between tightly scheduled business meetings with no need to waste time getting changed in and out of your wetsuit. That’s because your suit is also your wetsuit.

The clever folks at Quiksilver have designed a sharp-looking suit using wetsuit materials, allowing you to move effortlessly from land to water and back to land like a superbly adapted amphibious creature (albeit one in formal wear).


The “True Wetsuit” is being hailed as the first of its kind in the world, with Quiksilver describing it as “a must-have item for the busy, modern person,” though one that likes the sea, presumably.

The sportswear label’s novel piece of gear comes in three styles – black, navy, and tuxedo – and comprises jacket and pants made of super high-stretch jersey neoprene … the same fabric used to make regular wetsuits, in other words.

To stop water getting in, the pinholes don’t penetrate the fabric, and the pockets are designed flat to ensure they don’t catch water while you’re riding the waves (yep, they’ve really thought about this). In addition, side vents in the jacket aid freedom of movement during your surfing sessions. For land-based business meetings — I know, why would you? — the designers have included an inside pocket with a fastener and drain hole for storing your smartphone or other similarly sized gadget.

The shirt is made with Quiksilver’s water-repelling Dryflight fabric, while the all-important tie comes with a transfer-printed “delicate design suitable for business and party situations.”

If you’re a keen surfer who fancies turning up to business meetings dripping wet, or just want to surprise a few of the guests at your next pool party, you can order the True Wetsuit through Quiksilver’s Japanese site for 300,000 yen (about $2,500).

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