Giant robots meet GPS in Gundam-themed navigation app

giant robots meet gps in gundam themed navigation appAs if driving while monitoring your GPS wasn’t distracting enough, now you can do battle with giant enemy mechs along the way, too.

Bandai Namco has announced plans to release a Gundam-themed navigation app for iPhone users in Japan that will allow travelers to journey from one destination to another while having the occasional random encounter between their mech (in this case, their car) and virtual enemy forces. Users will level up and obtain new Gundam Mobile Suits the more often they use the app.

According to Wired Italy, Gundam Navigation will be a subscription-based app that costs approximately $46, but at the moment it’s only available in Japan. There’s no indication of when/if the app will be available elsewhere, or if it will eventually find its way to non-iPhone devices.

Along with leveling up your Mobile Suit, the Gundam Navigation app will also track users’ activities with a digital score card, and allow them to choose between the Earth Federation or Republic of Zeon for their in-app profiles. Battles with enemies are initiated automatically along the journey, and points are awarded for successful outcomes.

Popular characters from the Gundam animated series like Amuro Rei, Sayla Mass, Char Aznable, Noel Underson, Lalah Sune, and Yuki Nakasato will all play a role in the app’s navigation mode, accompanying users on their travels and offering battle advice.