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The people at Glad would like you to sleep in their garbage bags (for eco-consciousness!)

Glad trash bag tent

Oh, Glad. You obviously have an amazing marketing team that somehow convinced us that sleeping inside garbage bags are a great idea! Well, at least it seems so in the case of the trash bags-turned-camping-tents the company gave out at the recent South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX this past March.

Glad trashbag tent nightIndeed the concept, Glad recently unveiled its video campaign for its plastic camping tents that are reconfigured to promote environmental awareness and clean-ups after music festivals are said and done. After all, attending a festival, besides from the days’ worth of live music and activities, almost always result in smelly, dirty campgrounds, and it could take days for volunteers to clean up the mess. When you’re standing or walking around all day, the last thing you want to do is find the nearest garbage can to toss out your trash. We get it, we all get lazy.

With Glad’s trash bag tent, there are no excuses. The team distributed Glad ForceFlex tents to various SXSW festival goers to encourage them to leave the campsites as they found it – litter-free. And now that music festival season is in full swing, it’ll be fascinating to see if the trend picks up, especially with younger audiences.

The campaign, crafted by Miami-based advertising agency Alma, is an innovative approach to waste reduction and adding multipurpose uses to one product. And for those who can’t afford to buy full-sized fabric tents, these aren’t a bad option for a temporary camp tent that’s easy to transport, meant for one-time use, and promotes responsible living. Whether it’s actually comfortable enough to last through a night’s sleep without working up a sweat is another story, but hey, at least it’s only for a few days.

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