GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Navigation Receiver

GlobalSat, a manufacturer of GPS, Bluetooth and mobile wireless communication products, has combined a little twenty-first century technology with one of theirlatest GPS devices. The BT-359 easily turns your boring PDA or cell phone into an interactive GPS device.   The GlobalSat BT-359 works by linking wirelessly with your Bluetooth enabled PDA, smart phone or laptop. The BT-359acts as your GPS receiver and effortlessly turns your mobile device into an ultra-mobile GPS unit. The BT-359 is a simplelooking gadget with only three LED lights, a power button and a fancy graphic. According to GlobalSat, the wireless range of the BT-359 is 32 feet and the device works with a variety of operatingsystems including Windows XP, Palm, Mac, Symbian and Blackberry.   The BT359, according to GlobalSat, provides faster acquisition times and improves accuracy in urban canyons and under densefoliage. It contains a replaceable battery with 11 hours of use on a single charge. A slide battery lid makes it easy to remove and replace this battery without the use of tools. GlobalSat BT-359
The BT-359 Fits in the Palm of your Hand

Moving beyond just these basic features, the GlobalSat can provide in-depth GPS information when teamed up with TierraVision software. By giving each person on your team a BT359, for example, along with their Bluetooth enabled device, you will be able to know where each teammember is at all times.   The BT-359 is quite mobile itself, measuring in at 1.5” by 3”. There are no subscription fees and the wireless Bluetooth as well as the long battery lifemake the BT359 a great choice to use with your current favorite mobile device.    Check out the company’s website for more information.