Who needs an oven? This flamethrower drone can roast that Christmas turkey

Remember Austin Haughwout? He’s the guy who made headlines back in July after posting a video of a gun-toting drone.

This week the Connecticut resident has taken the idea one step further by replacing the gun with a full-fledged flamethrower. Apparently keen to dispel the notion of there being any kind of violent intent behind his somewhat terrifying creation, 19-year-old Haughwout uses his flamethrower drone not to scare the bejeezus out of members of his local community but instead as a new kind of cooking tool, suggesting it as an excellent way to roast a holiday turkey.

The four-minute cooking demonstration, which presumably has Haughwout standing behind the camera in an apron and chef’s hat, is sponsored by HobbyKing, a supplier of drone parts that apparently doesn’t mind putting its name to a remotely controlled fire-spitting copter. The video shows the flamethrower cooking the turkey to a cinder rather than to perfection, with the rapidly blackening bird spending much of the time simply on fire.

While it’s not entirely clear where Haughwout’s creation stands in the eyes of the law, the gun-equipped drone which caused such a stir over the summer was deemed not to have broken any rules, at least as far as the Federal Aviation Administration is concerned, according to Connecticut news outlet WTNH.

And if you’re thinking that this particular flamethrower demonstration looks like a perfect way to start a forest fire, Haughwout’s father insisted to WTNH the exercise was carried out safely, with buckets of water, fire extinguishers, and hoses close by. Dad added that the immediate surroundings had also been cleared of dead leaves before shooting the video.