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If flippers aren’t enough for you, check out this handheld underwater jetpack

Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter
Propelling yourself through the water by moving your arms and kicking your legs is so 2016. If you really want to channel your inner Aquaman (or, we guess, Namora for the ladies?) you’ll want to pick up Sublue’s new Whiteshark MIX device, a lightweight and powerful underwater booster which means you’ll never have to do anything as strenuous as actually swim again.

“Sublue has developed an underwater device that glides you through the water in an exhilarating, easy, and fun way,” Jiancang Wei, co-founder and CEO of Sublue, told Digital Trends. “It’s equipped with double propellers, which ensures speed and power as well as carefully thought-out safety features. The device is the smallest underwater scooter in the world, which can easily fit it in a backpack. It is the ultimate James Bond-style swimming accessory.”

The Whiteshark MIX boasts a top speed of 3.45 miles per hour, and can survive at depths of up to 130 feet. Its battery lasts up to one hour, and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. If you’re in the mood for recording your travels, it also includes a built-in GoPro mount, especially positioned to capture underwater images and videos.

“We spent a lot of time researching to get the right type of blades for the propellers and decided on Kaplan four-leaf blades, which greatly reduced the high speed shock to ensure a smooth but still powerful glide through the water,” Wei continued.

Whether you’re a serious scuba diver or snorkeler who wants to explore the ocean or just a holidaymaker looking to have fun at the pool, the Whiteshark MIX is definitely worth a look. It’s currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo, with a price tag starting at $349 — which represents a 30-percent saving on the $499 it will eventually cost.

Shipping is set to take place in October, just in time for a freezing winter swim.

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