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ION’s Bluetooth-enabled Cassette Adapter gives new life to old stereos

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If you find yourself stuck with an antiquated music system — at your parents’ house, perhaps, or in your car — then take a look at ION’s new Cassette Adapter Bluetooth (those words are in the right order, by the way). It lets you stream music wirelessly to any stereo that has a tape deck.

Any Bluetooth-enabled device that has music on it can be used as your source, so a smartphone or tablet would do just fine. You can even use it to make hands-free phone calls while driving, if you want to. The device automatically switches on and off when it’s loaded and ejected from a stereo, and according to ION you’ll get around six hours’ worth of playing time from one battery charge (a USB charging cable comes with the cassette).

It’s easy to set up and configure, so even your mom should be able to get to grips with it, and of course there are no reams of tape to get caught up in the deck itself. The product has only just appeared on ION’s site, so we don’t have pricing or availability details as yet, but it’s a useful idea that saves you having to replace your old music center (at least for the time being).

If you’ve never been able to listen to your podcasts or digital music on the road, now’s your chance. You can get more details about the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth by heading over to the ION website.

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