iPhone Line-Waiting Madness Commences

The release of the Apple iPhone may have been over 100 hours away on Monday morning, but that didn’t stop Greg Packer from plopping himself down on the cement outside Apple’s main store in New York City and waiting it out for one. Inviting visitors and donations through his blog, Packer kicked off the frenzy of line-waiting that will precede the iPhone’s official release on Friday at 6 p.m.

Rumors still swirl amongst Apple diehards over whether waiting in line will be necessary. Early reports predicted 3 million iPhones for the release, which would ensure that iPhones made it to every sweaty palm with $600 to drop on one. But the rumors are just that – rumors – and dedicated fans won’t take chances on whether or not they will secure an iPhone.

Since, unlike Packer, not everyone can give up a week of their lives to wait for one, Craigslist has turned line-waiting into a cottage industry overnight.  The patient peddle their stand-in services for hundreds, or even thousands, while anxious buyers try to figure out which ones are reliable, and how to go about completing such a bizarre transaction.

With over two full days remaining before the release, the crowds are sure only to swell further.

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