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Monster’s limited edition Tron Daft Punk headphones debut at CES with other Tron-themed products

Monster held a press conference Wednesday morning and highlighted its collaboration with the new Disney film Tron. Noel Lee took the stage at CES to unveil a series of new products including the much-anticipated team-up with Disney’s Tron. The new movie is being buzzed about in tech circles and Monster hopes to claim some of that market with headphones and other products inspired by the film’s sleek space-age aesthetic.

Monster revealed Tron T1 over-ear headphones as well as white Daft Punk limited edition Tron T1 headphones in white ($349, above). The headphones utilize Monster’s Noise Isolation Technology to block external sound, and feature the company’s advanced studio driver design for high-end sound. Most notably, the headphones use Monster’s LED Light Drive System to recreate the light animations prominent in Tron: Legacy. The limited edition Daft Punk Tron T1 headphones also come with a removable boom for gaming and a special edition Tron soundtrack in Monster High Definition Headphone Surround.

The Tron series also includes T3 earbud headphones ($59.95), a surround sound amplifier, iPod sound dock that resembles a Tron space Frisbee ($249.95), and the Tron PS3 Slim PowerStation.

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