Mr. Everything can play music, charge your gadgets, and even jump your car

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Portable chargers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes these days, and they juice up gizmos of all shapes and sizes as well — smartphones, tablets, and anything in between. But when it comes to versatility, Mr. Everything takes the cake. It’s basically the Swiss Army Knife of portable batteries.

First and foremost, Mr. Everything is a battery — specifically a beefy 14.8V, 100W, 6700mAh one — but it’s got a lot more than just juice under the hood. Inside the confines of its sleek, modern exterior, Mr. Everything boasts a set of Bluetooth speakers, a wireless charging pad, a set of LED lights, a storage compartment, and more ports than you can shake a stick at.

Most portable chargers only boast USB charging ports, but Mr. Everything is designed to charge any electronic device you own, regardless of its power needs. It sports four USB ports, a large Qi pad for wireless charging of smartphones and smartwatches, DC input and output, and a universal AC power outlet for everything else. It’s got enough juice and connectivity options to charge any of your devices multiple times — and can even be used to jumpstart your car if you’re in a pinch.

“We have carefully designed Mr. Everything for ultimate functionality to keep users organized and prepared, no matter where life takes them,” Chris Shin, President of Mr. Everything, said in a release. “It’s going to be the one thing you always want to have with you, whether you are spending a day at the beach, tailgating, or in other emergency settings like a power outage.”

The device only exists in prototype form at this point, and the company has turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds for large-scale production. Back the project now, and you can get your hands on the basic version (without an AC outlet) for $250, and the deluxe version (AC included) for $300. If all goes well and the creators meet their 100K funding goal, they expect to begin shipping to backers sometime in November.