New LCD Remote Allows iPod Control

Keyspan, a maker of remote controls for the PC, Mac and iPod, earlier this week announced a new iPod remote which sports a LCD screen. The new TuneView Remote is priced at $99 and should be available in May.

Keyspan’s TuneView Remote, said the company, is used in conjunction with newly announced accessories to control Apple’s iPod or iTunes. With regards to the iPod, a $79 TuneView Dock for iPod, which will also be available in May, offers two-way RF connectivity and control of the digital music player from the remote. It gives users the ability to not only play/pause, adjust volume and change tracks but to see the contents of the iPod on the remote’s color LCD screen, as well.

For those looking to control iTunes only, Keyspan was touting the $39 TuneView USB Adapter. When used in conjunction with the remote and connected to a PC or Mac’s USB port, a user can remotely manage the music software and view songs on the remote’s LCD for selection and playback.