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New York City too hot? Uber will deliver air conditioners right to your door

new york city hot uber will deliver air conditioners demand aros conditioning
Image courtesy Quirky

As the weather in New York City starts to heat up and melt away everyone’s memories of winter, many are starting to feel the burn — of not owning an air conditioning unit.

But before the heat gets so bad that your clothes start sticking to your body, transportation company Uber has just the “cool” solution for you.  And you won’t even need to leave your apartment.

Through a partnership with development company Quirky and GE, the Uber app will give New Yorkers the option to buy a brand new Aros air conditioner for $300 over the next couple of weekends.  Interested buyers just need to type “UberCOOL” in the app’s promotion bar, as well as their credit card information, and the Aros unit will be delivered straight to their door via ice truck.

In a blog post about the promotion, Uber says they’ll even walk the air conditioner up “six flights of stairs.”

“For a lot of New Yorkers, getting an A/C unit into an apartment is a difficult and time consuming task,” said Bret Kovacs, Quirky’s head of marketing. “So when we were thinking about how we could make this process better, Uber immediately came to mind. We couldn’t think of a ‘cooler’ brand to help us launch the world’s smartest air conditioner.”

Developed by Quirky and GE, the Aros conditioner isn’t your typical, cruddy window unit.  According to Quirky, the air conditioner can be controlled remotely through a mobile app, and the unit can actually “learn” from your budget, location and schedule to maintain the perfect — and affordable — temperature for your apartment.

So now that practically anything can be delivered in New York City, residents really have no need to step outside ever again.

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