Loren Grush

Loren Grush

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Loren Grush is a science and health writer living in New York City, having written for Fox News Health, Fox News SciTech and ABC News. The daughter of two NASA engineers, she grew up surrounded by space shuttles and rocket scientists - literally. Now she is thrilled to have come full circle, reporting on scientific discovery and technological breakthroughs.

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NASA 3D prints a nebula — and you can do the same at home

Want to hold your very own nebula? Thanks to NASA, such an unbelievable desire can now come true. Astronomers for the agency have teamed up to create the first high-resolution 3D model of a massive nebula -- and their plans are available…
Emerging Tech

MIT researchers build drones to light up photo shoots

Are your photographs always marred by terrible lighting? Now there's a drone to give you a helping hand. MIT researchers have created autonomous helicopters equipped with lights to aid photographers in photo shoots.
Emerging Tech

Winners declared in global underwater robot competition

An international group of students came together on Saturday to compete in an annual underwater robot competition, showing off their robots' abilities to identify shipwrecks and collect microbial samples.
Social Media

Facebook manipulated more than 600,000 users’ News Feeds to study people’s emotions

Feeling a little bummed out by your Facebook News Feed? It turns out data scientists for the social media site manipulated the feeds of more than 600,000 users to study how emotions are transferred online.
Emerging Tech

Robots can learn faster by crowdsourcing information from the Internet

Want to hasten your robot's journey to self awareness? Crowdsourcing can help. Computer scientists have shown that robots can learn new skills faster by asking for additional input from the online community.

Google responds to little girl’s adorable letter asking for time off for her dad

A little girl by the name of Katie sent a handwritten note to Google asking for time off for her dad. Since the corporation doesn't have a heart of stone, it responded with some very good news.