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Google responds to little girl’s adorable letter asking for time off for her dad

google responds little girls adorable letter asking time dad final

Looking for a way to get some extra time off work? Have your kid write a ridiculously adorable note to your boss.

Oh and also work for Google.

One little girl named Katie decided her father was in need of some more downtime, so she wrote a handwritten note — in crayon, no less — to her dad’s employer, Google.  In the letter, which first appeared on Reddit, she asks a “Google worker” if her father can get an extra day off from work, since he only gets one day off a week.

Google Letter Full

“Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off,” Katie wrote.  “Like he can get a day off on Wednesday.  Because daddy only gets a day off on Saturday.”

And in two postscripts, Katie reminds the anonymous worker that it’s her father’s birthday and “it is summer, you know.”

Well, since Google could not resist the cuteness (and really, who can?), Katie’s dad’s boss, Senior Design Manager Daniel Shiplacoff, responded to the letter — with some very good news.  He informed Katie that her father has been working hard on “designing many beautiful and delightful things for Google and millions of people across the globe.”

“On the occasion of his Birthday,” Shiplacoff wrote, “and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off during the summer, we are giving him the whole first week of July as vacation time.”

A Google spokesperson confirmed to the Blaze that the letter was indeed real, further confirming that working for the massive Internet corporation seems pretty awesome.


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