Harness the energy of the sun for your phone or tablet with NRG’s Sunbook

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When it comes to making environmentally conscious decisions, there are a few things you can do. From shorter showers to unplugging your electronics, the possibilities for going green seem to expand on a daily basis. And now, if you’re looking to even further divest from fossil fuels, you might want to consider two new consumer solar power products from American energy company NRG, which debuted the Sunbook 7 and Sunbook 14 kits at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Both kits combine the power of smart solar panels and removable batteries, which work together to provide users with a new, energy-efficient and green way to charge phones and tablets on the move.

Both Sunbooks ensure that their users stay fully charged and connected in an environmentally responsible way. While placing solar panels on your roof may not be the easiest thing to do, you can still integrate renewable energy into your daily life with one of these charging kits.

Almost absurdly easy to use, these individual solar kits collect energy from the sun, and then store its power in the removable battery. When you’re ready to charge your phone of your tablet, simply slide out the battery and pat yourself on the back for using clean, renewable energy.

The Sunbook 7, designed for your phone, features a solar panel and a removable 3,870mAh battery that can provide one full charge to your phone with clean power. With its easily readable LED indicator, you’ll know exactly how much solar energy you’re harvesting, and will also be able to determine your ideal panel-to-sun placement to make the most of everyone’s favorite star. The solar panel will charge the Gopack 15, an ultra thin and super small “snap-in” battery that only takes two to four hours in bright sunlight to get the whole kit ready to go.

Then there’s the Sunbook 14, which provides “free power for your tablets.” Simply plug your device into the smart kickstand and get ready to charge anywhere, anytime without having to hunt for an outlet. This version of the Sunbook comes with the Gopack 40, a 12,000mAh battery, that receives a full charge of energy from the 14-watt solar panel in under five hours when exposed to the sun. And just like the Sunbook 7, you’ll stay up to date on conditions and charging metrics with the LED indicator.

So if you’re looking to make 2016 the year you go green, start with the Sunbook line from NRG.

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