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Oregon Scientific Unloads New Wellness Gadgets at CES

oregon-scientific-ces-2010Personal electronic designer Oregon Scientific has a new array of gadgets and gizmos to show off at CES this year. The collection includes electronics from its just-launched Wellness and Energy Monitoring lines, both new categories for the Company. Oregon Scientific says its Wellness line will debut with 10 products specifically designed to relax the mind and body and help manage daily stress.

i.wakeup Sunrise Clock

os-sunrise-clock_1Available in February 2010 for $129.99

The i.wakeup Sunrise Clock is a “dawn simulator,” using gentle light to wake you up naturally rather than with a blaring alarm. Oregon Scientific says that thirty minutes prior to your set wake-up time, the i.wakeup Sunrise Clock gradually increases illumination with a 300-lux light, simulating a natural sunrise. And if just the light isn’t doing it for you, you have your choice of five different nature sounds or you favorite FM radio station to wake up with as well.

Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager

os-appliance-managerAugust/September 2010 for $79.99

The Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager helps you keep an eye on how much energy your appliances are using up and how much it costs to operate them. Up to eight appliances can be monitored with wireless remote sensors on the Appliance Manager. The main base displays real-time cost, power consumption and carbon emissions for individual appliances, and it also features a handy clock and calendar.

T1 Zone Trainer with Hydration Index

os-t1zone-trainer-with-hydration-indexAvailable for $119.99,

Oregon Scientific will expand its robust Sports and Fitness line with this heart rate monitor featuring the world’s first hydration index as well as the Company’s exclusive Tap-On Lens Technology. So no more messing with buttons while exercising.

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