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Oreo flies five ‘cookie drones’ over New York City in a wacky milk-dunk stunt

OREO Dunk Challenge: The Drone Dunk
Remotely operated multirotor flying machines — better known as drones — are coming to the attention of not just indie filmmakers, who have realized how much cheaper they are compared to hiring a helicopter for the day, but also power companies for inspection operations, farmers for crop monitoring, and real estate workers for property photography.

They’re great for Oreo milk dunks, too.

In case it somehow slipped you by, March 6 was National Oreo Cookie Day. To celebrate this wondrous occasion — which also happened to mark the 105th anniversary of “milk’s favorite cookie” — the global biscuit brand created five flying Oreo drones and flew them over New York City’s East River.


What in the name of chocolate sandwich edibles is an “Oreo drone,” you may well be asking. Well, in this case, it’s a quadcopter dressed up to look like a giant Oreo cookie and … err, that’s it.

As the video above shows, once the five cookies were airborne, they were flown to a great height over hundreds — possibly thousands — of mugs of milk placed on a floating barge. Each one then dropped an Oreo cookie, aiming, like we all do from time to time, for the perfect dunk.

The video reminds viewers that the entire exercise was a “professional stunt,” and should not be attempted by cookie-scoffing amateurs. “Dunk responsibly,” it urges.

And if you’ve been having dunking issues lately, then here’s a guide explaining in great detail how to do it with an Oreo.

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