Panasonic Reveals to Mobile Americans a New Landline Phone


Communication corporations losing landline customers by the thousands since 2008 have been offering new mobile options, while electronics manufacturer Panasonic seems to going in the opposite direction with releasing a new landline phone.  Panasonic announced today they’ve upgraded their Bluetooth-enabled landline phones with the new KX-TG9382T that allows users to transfer up to 600 contacts from their cellular phonebook.

According to the Federal Communication Commission about 25% of Americans rely solely on mobile phones, while 17% use only landlines.  Panasonic said the creative initiative behind this new product was to combine cellular and home directories within a single device as a convenience for “home-based businesses as well as residential consumers.”  The KX-TG9382T is a two-line phone providing the user with three-line conferencing capabilities and a built-in digital answering machine with 40 minutes of storage—and that can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled headset as Panasonic suggests for “hand-free comfort.”

“Until now, businesspeople and consumers have had to manage their cell phone and home or home office phone directories separately or at best, transfer phonebook entries one at a time, which is time-consuming,” said Bill Taylor, President of Panasonic Communications Company of North America. “With the KX-TG9382T, even a 600-name phonebook transfers in just a few minutes, so it’s easier than ever to keep your contacts at your fingertips.”

A base unit with one cordless handset, the KX-TG9381T, runs a retail price of about $169.95, while the KX-TG9382T featuring two cordless handsets carries an SRP of $229.95. The system can be expanded to include up to six handsets and is available through and most major electronics retailers.

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