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PetChatz puts you in constant contact with your beloved fur babies

petchatz interactive animal system
Just like the parent of a human baby, pet parents miss their fur babies when they’re away. If you’ve ever wished for a way to check in with your cat or dog while you’re at work, PetChatz has the answer — now your pet can call you.

More than just a video camera, PetChatz is a complete interactive system that lets pet parents enjoy two-way audio and video with their companions from anywhere. The system also allows you to play games and give out tasty treats as a reward. Interacting with you even just virtually could make pets happier and more secure, the thinking goes.

petchatz3The system offers this security and comfort in a few different ways. With PetChatz Scents, you can spread a special aroma every time you connect with your pet. The formula is specifically designed to be safe and calming for your pet. The two-way camera and audio system not only lets you as an owner check in with your pets but also lets them see and hear you. This adds to the comfort and security.

PetChatz lets you reward your pet with treats even when you aren’t home — high quality nibbles with no grains, corn, or other fillers. These treats are formulated for both cats and dogs, so you can meet the needs of either furry friend.

The PetChatz system is physically secure for your pets with no sharp corners or spots for pets to chew on, the company says. It firmly believes in at home production, so all of the products are manufactured in the United States: From pet treats to camera units, everything is made locally in the Midwest.

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