Pictures: Numark DJ2GO

For all you would-be DJ’s out there — and there seems to be an ever increasing amount of you — now you can spin, scratch, and scribble your way to DJing greatness with the ultra portable Numark DJ2Go.

As you may know,  DJ equipment isn’t the most portable or practical gear to carry around. Next time you’re at the club,you might want to take a second from contemplating whether or not you should ask that girl to dance and look over at the DJ booth, you’ll probably see large crates of vinyl’s, controllers that need to be lugged around on wheels, and big bulky interfaces that can be a pain to set up.

Consider that a thing of the past.  Weighing in at a comfortable 13 oz, with DJ2Go DJ controller you can easily throw an entire rig in your backpack. The familiar set up includes everything you need, including two platters, a crossfader, pitch, level controls, and since DJ2Go is MIDI-compliant, it can be used with practically any DJ software. Simply plug in a USB to your PC or Mac, install the software and prepare to lay down that sick beat.