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Pitta is a palm-sized drone that moonlights as an action cam and security system

Are you looking for one last kickass Kickstarter project to get involved in before the holidays? If so, you should totally check out Pitta. A combination action cam and camera drone that resembles a high-tech version of the “golden snitch” from Harry Potter, Pitta boasts a nifty modular design that gives it several interesting uses. Whether you want to mount it on your bike like a GoPro or take to the skies, Pitta is a complete system packaged into a single device, with a modular snap-and-twist-to-lock design that lets you easily switch between modes.

“It all really started from a personal frustration,” J.B. Hwang, co-founder of manufacturer Eyedea, Inc., told Digital Trends. “I was a fairly heavy GoPro user, and action cameras with mounts and rigs were something I always carried with me. Naturally, I wanted more diversified clips and started to get my hands on drones. When I tried out a handful of drones, the operation process was not friendly to first-time pilots. Even after I got the basic sense of controlling a drone, I wasn’t able to capture the footage that I desired. All I really wanted was an easy-to-fly drone that would not require hours of training.”

This insight let Hwang to start developing the combination drone and action cam, which meant he didn’t have to “carry a hundred things with him all the time.”

It’s definitely a nifty idea, and it promises some impressive capabilities, including the ability to shoot 4K 30fps video and 13-megapixel stills. The drone component can be controlled from your smartphone, although it also promises to automatically follow moving targets, orbit a stationary target, and land autonomously. When do you don’t want it to be a drone, simply snap on the action cam mount to attach it to your bike, — or even use it as a home Wi-Fi home security camera that  live-streams to your device.

“We have secured and locked in on most of the suppliers and are finalizing designs,” Hwang said. “It will be over by the time the Kickstarter campaign wraps, so that we move right on to the production phase.”

If you would like to get your hands on a Pitta transformative autonomous 4K selfie drone, you can place a pre-order on Kickstarter right now. Prices start at $269, with shipping set for April 2018.

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