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Portal fan creates free GLaDOS voice set for Garmin navigation systems

We’ve already seen downloadable voice packages that put Yoda, Homer Simpson, and various other characters in charge of your car’s GPS navigation, and now the familiar, synthesized tones of Portal‘s GLaDOS can guide Garmin users to their destinations, too.

Created by a Reddit user and made available as a free download, the GLaDOS voice package is just shy of 2Mb and contains a set of WAV files that are compatible with most modern Garmin GPS units. The creator of the package has reported no problems using it with his/her Nuvi 250W unit, and subsequent reports confirm that it’s compatible with the Nuvi 40, 200, 200W, 250, 250W, 350, Garmin Mobile XT, and StreetPilot c550 models.

There’s also a link to a GLaDOS voice set for TomTom units.

Sadly, the set doesn’t appear to offer the same semi-threatening comments that made Portal 2‘s GLaDOS one of gamers’ favorite antagonists of the year — though the ingrained anticipation of such threats is sure to make your car rides interesting.

One user of the GLaDOS voice package created a video of the set in action:

Just remember to turn left when it tells you to do so, you monster.

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