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The RazorX Cruiser shows that not all eboards have to cost you an arm and a leg

RazorX® Cruiser Electric Skateboard
Don’t be fooled by the listed target demographic of the RazorX Cruiser — really, the fact that kids as young as nine can have fun on this new electric skateboard means that it’s all the harder for grownups like us to fall off of (or so we’re telling ourselves). The RazorX Cruiser promises an “electrifying kick,” thanks to a 125-watt geared motor that you can control with a remote control, and you can ride all the livelong day — or at least, for up to 40 minutes.

A much more affordable board than many of its competitors, the Cruiser will set you back $180. And considering that many similar boards begin in the $400 range, this may just be the right ride for a beginner or a youngster. But the diminutive price doesn’t mean a sub-par performance. Rather, the lithium-ion-powered electric board will allow for adventurers young and old alike to reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour for up to 40 minutes at a time (lights on the bottom of the board will let you know how much battery you’ve left). Sure, that’s not the fastest board on the market, but again, we’re looking towards younger audiences here.

The 29.7 inch deck is made of 5-ply maple wood, and claims to provide a lightweight, responsive ride that works best for cruising down a sidewalk. So you probably don’t want to go offroading on a board like this. The whole board is controlled using a wireless 2.4 Ghz remote that comes with a wrist strap, so that you don’t accidentally lose control of your controller, and the remote allows you to control your speed.

Thanks to the Cruiser’s high-grip urethane wheels and reverse kingpin trucks, this ought to be a pretty stable board, especially with its perforated grip tape and rear-wheel drive. All in all, this eboard seems best suited for folks with less experience in life or those who have ridden a skateboard.

And while the young are encouraged to take their first electrified rides on the Cruiser, the young at heart can certainly be supported by this board — it bears a weight limit of 220 pounds. The RazorX Cruiser is currently on sale on Amazon for just over $160.

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