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Ingenious RC lawn mower lets you trim your grass without leaving your chair

Inspiration can sometimes come from unexpected places. Several years ago, U.K.-based engineer Warren Harris’ wife began suffering the effects of ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a currently incurable condition in which the joints in the body — including the spine — fuse together, causing unimaginable pain. As a result of his wife’s illness, Harris had to take on more of a caretaker role.

“As my time was limited due to my home and work commitments, I found it very difficult to mow my large backyard,” he told Digital Trends. “I already had a manual reel mower, which I had to push all over the garden, making it very tiring and time consuming. Mowing the lawn became a headache, and I hated it as it was taking so much time. I began wondering if it was difficult for me to do this chore, imagine how difficult it would be for an elderly or disabled person.”

While it may sound like a relatively small thing in the bigger picture, Harris’ research into the subject made clear to him how the ability of a person to keep their yard properly mowed and maintained gives them a sense of pride. Hiring a gardener is also prohibitively expensive for many people.

After plenty of work, he has developed a solution called Easy Mow — an automated, remote-control lawn mower. “Easy Mow has been tested and can mow an average 600-square foot-garden in 10 minutes,” Harris said. “This saves everyone so much time and energy; all you have to do is sit back, relax, and operate the Easy Mow from the touch of your fingertips. The remote-control technology also ensures that it be operated by anyone, of all ages and abilities.”

The mower is adjustable to a range of cutting heights to suit individual preference, and promises to easily cut through the most overgrown and wettest of grass with ease. “A fully automated mower, on the other hand, would get stuck in wet grass, or avoid overgrown grass which it cannot cut,” Harris said. “In essence, what we have made is something which tackles all problems — it eliminates the hard work of a conventional lawn mower, and it performs better than the fully automated mowers by leaps and bounds.”

Easy Mow is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. You can pre-order a unit with a pledge of 1,500 British pounds, or $1,933 U.S. Shipping is set to take place in January 2018.

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