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Rent the Runway is opening up a new flagship location, and it’s all about tech

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It was once cause for celebration when your favorite store began accepting orders online. Now, the opposite is true. Rent the Runway first became popular for bringing the catwalk onto your computer, but now, it’s taking things offline again — into its first flagship store. Located in New York City, the brick-and-mortar location of the previously (exclusively) ecommerce site promises a “hyper-personalized renting experience,” and is slated to open on December 6.

While Rent the Runway may be be offering its products in a more traditional environment, there’s nothing old-fashioned about its new flagship store. This is certainly one retail location that hasn’t forgotten its digital roots. The store promises to “optimize its every tech and design feature to guide each customer’s visit based on her unique needs and her past interactions with Rent the Runway, whether onsite, in-app, or in a store.” Already, Rent the Runway has six retail stores, but none before have served as a home base in the way that this new New York City location will.

From the moment a customer walks into the store, she’ll be given the personalized experience that previously was only possible from the comfort in front of your laptop. But with Rent the Runway’s check-in kiosks positioned at the store’s entrance, you can provide information about what you’re looking for, your taste preferences, and anything else to ensure a seamless experience. Even fitting room availability is addressed at the start of your shopping trip — when your room is ready, you’ll receive a text message, and have the opportunity to try on your latest finds.

The store revolves primarily around the brand’s signature Dream Closet, which displays an entire collection on large end-screens located next to the physical racks. So if rifling through a bunch of hangers doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can still combine the ease of digitized shopping with your in-person experience. There’s also a “Style Studio” that combines a computer’s algorithm with taste level of a real-life stylist, resulting in the best possible of outcomes.

And of course, if you need some R&R from all that difficult shopping you’re doing, you can relax in the “RTR bar,” where you’ll be treated like one who walks runways for a living. You can have a cocktail, pick up your rental order, chat with a stylist about how to take your outfit to the next level, or just look into Rent the Runway’s constantly changing inventory.

So give yourself a present this holiday season, and just take a trip to what just might become your favorite New York destination.

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