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Startup wants to build ‘robot brothel’ in London, complete with lifelike AI escorts

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What did you do with your weekend? We enjoyed an extra hour in bed, spent the morning playing video games, and then took a brisk walk into town to visit the robot brothel. Or at least that’s what folks may be saying in a year or so, if the Spanish company Lumi Dolls has anything to say about it!

Describing itself as the “first sex dolls agency of Europe” (a description that’s a bit less E.U. than “ewww!”), the growing business is attempting to circumvent laws banning regular brothels by introducing lifelike androids to the mix. And while right now it’s still working with inanimate (if expensive) sex dolls, it’s in the process of expanding its operations to include cutting-edge robots, equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technology.

“All people have sexual fantasies that we cannot perform, either because they are embarrassed, or because they have some physical complex that does not allow them to perform these fantasies with a real woman,” a representative for Lumi Dolls told Digital Trends. “The doll does not judge, and says no to nothing.”

Lumi Dolls recently opened its first venue in Barcelona, but it was forced to shut down after complaints from the city’s human prostitutes. It’s now reopened elsewhere in the area, with prices set at $85 for a half hour, or $106 for the full 60-minute experience. Rooms come with the doll of your choice (there’s a wide variety of them, with an assortment of costumes and “personalities”) and an HD plasma screen, which we’re told let users choose from a, “series of films that will help you get into situation.”

The company now wants to expand its business operations outside of Spain, with plans to introduce robot lovemaking to the United Kingdom — before venturing even further afield.

“We believe that our brand would work really well in the U.K.,” Lumi Dolls’ spokesperson said. “Our ideal location would be London. We look for major capitals with a certain volume of population, so London would be ideal to create a Lumi Dolls franchise. We are looking for an investor who wants to expand our brand in the U.K., and [our] first city chosen is London.”

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