SanDisk settles flash memory suit with Imation

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Flash memory maker SanDisk has announced it has reached a settlement with flash storage maker Imation that puts an end to two patent infringement suits pending against the company. Under the settlement, SanDisk and Imation will cross-license patents to each other, and Imation will be paying SanDisk royalties for use of its technology. Imation has also stipulated to the validity of SanDisk’s U.S. patent 7,137,011, which covers aspects of using encryption technology in flash memory cards.

Specific financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

SanDisk sued both Imation, Kingston, and Memorex back in May 2010 for infringing on seven SanDisk patents covering flash memory, memory cards, and flash-based media players; SanDisk sued 25 companies that manufacturer, sell, and import flash memory back in 2007. The company still has two suits pending against Kingston technology.