Humiliate small children at your local sledding hill with the Snolo Stealth-X carbon fiber sled

Is a sled technically considered a type of vehicle? If it isn’t, it might as well be if it’s made with carbon fiber. You know, only the most prestige choice of material for fancy planes, trains, and automobiles.

Sleds are generally pretty lightweight for portability, but the carbon fiber material may make for better speed given the added weight. The Snolo Stealth-X aims to do just that, giving winter sport enthusiasts the chance to enjoy hitting the slopes while sitting down. According to Gizmag, the Stealth-X is a product of more than six years of engineering, offering better seating and body control to speed up or slow down to snowy hills. With the heavily-thought out design, the rider can use different carving strengths much like one would on a snowboard to control speed.

“It’s built for serious adult fun. It’s made sledding into a serious adult past time that wants to rub alongside the traditional winter sports of skiing and boarding,” Snolo’s Sean Boyd tells Gizmag. “Weight was used to make old sleds go fast, but the equation for speed is less friction plus aerodynamics, everything the Stealth-X possesses.”

The Stealth-X boasts a top speed of 40 mph (or 65 km/h), making it a far cry from a child’s toy. The 9-pound sled can also be broken up into smaller components so taking it up a slope is unlike dragging a traditional wooden sled by a rope. Naturally, the Snolo Stealth-X also comes with an adults-only price, boasting a retail value of $3,000. Snolo aims to put these bad boys on the market in exactly a month (December 7) so you can prepare for some holiday fun this coming season. If the carbon fiber version is too much for you to tackle, the company is also working on a plastic version that may be slightly more budget – and family – friendly.

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